A brand new Book from Focus on the grouped Family Blames ladies whenever Their Husbands Cheat

A brand new Book from Focus on the grouped Family Blames ladies whenever Their Husbands Cheat

The conservative Christian company Focus on the Family is not exactly recognized to be egalitarian or that is feminist thoughtful or comprehensive or tolerant or accepting. However a brand new guide from their publishing business supplies the many on-brand sorts of victim-blaming.

The name claims it all: just How God applied “the Other Woman”: Saving Your Marriage after Infidelity. The guide, by wedding therapist (. ) Tina Konkin, is focused on the manner in which you should respond to discovering your lover is having an affair by… taking a look that is long hard your very own flaws.

The book’s description is one thing no decent specialist would ever recommend:

Tina Konkin ended up being devastated whenever she learned her spouse ended up being having an event along with her friend that is best. Just just How could this occur to a couple of have been Christian marriage counselors? Nevertheless the shocks didn’t hold on there, because Jesus instantly asked Tina this concern: “What part do you play in this, Tina?”

That concern and Tina’s willingness to respond to it resulted in a restored, renewed wedding that has been much better than before, along with a wedding guidance system who has a success rate that is 80-percent.

In the way the Other Woman Saved My Marriage, you’ll hear the author’s amazing tale of redemption and see proven tools for restoring and enhancing a married relationship, even with infidelity.

The real text for the guide does not get any benefit. Here’s only one excerpt of just how Konkin blames by herself after her husband’s choice:

When I endured in front of the mirror, my expression gazing straight back at me personally, we heard God’s vocals noisy and clear. More